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High School Students

Students are given limited information and time from schools to assist them with making career choices. Visiting a career counsellor can assist them to explore many career options. Undertaking a career assessment tool such as the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment can help students identify areas of work they show interest in. Career counsellors can provide up to date information on future education paths through TAFE, University or other education providers.


Graduates have worked hard to obtain their qualification but then question how do they get a job? Did you know there is a hidden job market with only a limited number of vacancies being advertised? A career counsellor can assist you with gaining skills to access this hidden market. They can also assist with ensuring your resume is highlighting all of your skills and abilities.


You may have unfortunately found yourself in a situation where you or your job is being made redundant. A career counsellor can assist you with exploring the job market, updating your resume, and assisting you to sell your skills and knowledge to potential employers.

Returning to the workforce

You may have been out of the workforce for a number of years raising your family and are unsure about how to reenter. A career counsellor can assist you with up to date information on the labour market and provide you with the skills required when applying for jobs or updating your resume.

Your time off paid work may have also made you question your past career choices and you may be looking for a new challenge. Now may be an ideal time to consider further education. A career counsellor has a number of assessment tools to help you make these decisions. A sound investment before returning to the workforce.

Career Change

You may have been thinking about changing your career/job for awhile and be unsure of the unknown. A career counsellor can assist you with current information on the Australian and international job market. Unsure where you want to head towards? A career counsellor can assist you by using narrative counselling. Narrative counselling seeks to help clients to identify their values, skills and knowledge and use these to confront the challenges clients may be facing. Assessment tools will help you understand what values drive you and how your interests can lead you towards a rewarding and challenging career.

Resume Services

Writing a resume or job application can at times be very daunting. We can assist you with professional writing or advice services with your resume and job applications.

Are you ready to kick start your new career

or keen for a career change?

It’s normal to change jobs every 3 to 5 years or even more frequently in some occupations. Guaranteed jobs and predictable career paths are no longer feasible in the global job market. There are so many exciting options in the workforce. This means you need to become an active participant in managing your own career.

Our career service is tailored to meet your needs including:

  • Clearer career direction and improved career satisfaction
  • Improved work life balance with job satisfaction
  • Reduced periods of unemployment or underemployment
  • Career management and job search skills to use throughout your career
  • Better long term financial rewards
  • Confidence, personal development and success and career success!

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