About Roanna

Hi, I’m Roanna and I am a professional career advisor.

I work with students and adults to help them on their career path.

Roanna has a Bachelor of Commerce (Management), Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) and a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development. Roanna is also a certified practitioner who is qualified to administer and interpret Strong Interest Inventory reports.

She has worked in a variety of organisations including private and not for profit organisations in a variety of industries from healthcare, education to mining and construction.

Roanna is passionate about assisting clients to find a career that is engaging and challenging.

She utilises a variety of techniques including narrative counselling and assessment tools to determine clients’ interests’ and provide guidance on career choices.

Roanna has over 15 years experience working in human resources and understands what employers are seeking. She is able to assist with creating professional resumes.

Roanna has a passion for helping students to explore all career options available to them and using her skills and experience to help them make informed decisions.

She understands the importance of finding a work life balance and wants to assist people in finding a career not just a job.

Committed to her own career and to her clients, Roanna is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Roanna’s Story

I remember leaving high school thinking I wanted to be a psychologist and began a Bachelor of Science at University. After the first week I met my mother at the front door crying that this was not for me. As any parent would my mother wanted to help me explore my career options before dropping out of University. I went to see a Career Counsellor and after participating in some assessment tools and counselling I reached the decision to focus my studies on Human Resources.

I enjoyed a career in this area for a number of years and feel career advising is an element of this. After having children I started to question worklife balance and finding a career that I would be passionate about.

I returned to study and became a high school teacher. During this work I identified that schools have limited resources and time to assist students with the information they require to make informed decisions regarding their careers. I also spend a lot of time with women who are looking to re-enter the workforce and the struggles they have trying to identify what career they wish to pursue.

My experience as a teacher and discussions with women re-entering the workforce awakened a passion to assist people with making informed career choices. I decided to continue my education and study Career Education and Development.

I am now extremely lucky to work in my own business supporting my clients to find engaging and challenging careers.

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